Martha J. Shuttleworth, Founder

Marcy L. Burchfield, Executive Director 

Phinjo Gombu, Director of Project Strategies

Vishan Guyadeen, GIS Researcher

Philippa Campsie, Research Affiliate


Martha J. Shuttleworth, President, Founder

Zoe A. Coombes, M. Arch., Director

Lorna L. McKay, C.F.P., Director


Martha J. Shuttleworth, a philanthropist, was born in London, Ontario, and graduated from Glendon College, York University, in 1972.  Throughout the 1980's, she was a significant funder of Canada's anti-tobacco industry movement.  Martha is President of the Foundation, an organization she founded in 1996.

Marcy Burchfield has worked in the forefront of regional planning in the Toronto region for the past 15 years. In her various roles at the Neptis Foundation, Marcy supported, conducted, designed, and presented research and analysis that has informed the Province of Ontario’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the Greenbelt Plan and the Regional Transportation Plan, the Big Move. Marcy has used her quantitative, spatial analysis expertise to develop methods for measuring and monitoring how city-regions change over time. Marcy began her career in planning at the City of Chicago where she worked to deploy their city-wide enterprise GIS and assisted in creating standards policies in the departments of Environment and Emergency Services.  In 2000, she received her Master of Science at the University of Toronto, Department of Geography where the focus of her research was the application of remote sensing and geomatics technologies to understand and illustrate environmental challenges facing cities.  Immediately following her studies, Marcy worked with a group of economists at the University of Toronto and the London School of Economics to study and explain patterns of urban sprawl across the continental US.  Marcy has authored a number of papers at the Neptis Foundation as well as peer-reviewed publications such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the University of Calgary, School of Public Policy Research Paper Series.

Vishan Guyadeen is a GIS Researcher who holds a bachelors degree in Geographic Analysis from Ryerson University. His research interests include urban analysis with a strong focus on incorporating geomatics in the study of urban areas.

Philippa Campsie is an adjunct professor in the graduate planning program at the University of Toronto, and a senior associate at the Canadian Urban Institute. Her company, Hammersmith Communications, provides research, writing, and editing services to public-sector and private-sector clients. 


Martha J. Shuttleworth
President, Founder
mshuttleworth [at] neptis [dot] org
416-972-9199 ext. 2

Marcy L. Burchfield
Executive Director 
mburchfield [at] neptis [dot] org
416-972-9199 ext. 1

Phinjo Gombu
Director of Project Strategies
pgombu [at] neptis [dot] org

Vishan Guyadeen
GIS Researcher
vishan [dot] guy [at] gmail [dot] com