Revisiting Oak Park, IL, an original walkable suburb • During a recent trip to Chicago, I spent an afternoon in Oak Park, an older suburb abutting the west side of the City. Growing up in Chicago, I made regular trips to this suburb to peruse the latest collection of vinyl at the eclectic record store, Val's Halla, a mecca for music-lovers. Oak Park is known for its famous residents—architect Frank Lloyd Wright and writer Ernest...

Governance: The third rail that powers integrated regional transit • There are important questions that need to be asked, including what each provincial leader or mayoral candidate will do to bring the 416 and 905 together as one region to make transportation decisions that will benefit us all.





Neptis Geoweb • An interactive map-based tool that allows residents, researchers and decision makers better understand the often invisible forces that shape our urban and rural environments - and by extension, our lives.

A Method for Mapping Settlement Area Boundaries in the Greater Golden Horseshoe • This paper describes a method for mapping and measuring the lands designated for growth and urban expansion in the area known as the Greater Golden Horseshoe under the provisions of...

Implementing the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe • This study, the first comprehensive review of the Plan and its outcomes to date, paints a picture of an innovative, award-winning plan under pressure and behind schedule.



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